Welcome to the TinEye Commercial API!

Using the TinEye Commercial API

Before you can start searching, you’ll need to buy a search bundle (you have to be logged in for this). After you’re done, you’ll be directed back to your account overview page, which will show what you just purchased and keep you updated on how much of your bundle has been used.

Once you've bought searches, there are three ways to use the Commercial API: the API Search page, one of our browser extensions, or programmatically, by integrating the API with your own systems.

The search page

You're all set! Click on the Search tab to get started. Then simply search the way you would normally do on TinEye.com. Upload an image from your local drive to search for it, or point to a web image or web page by pasting the URL.

Browser extensions

Install the API browser extension for Firefox or Chrome to perform searches with a single click. Note: The regular browser extensions found at tineye.com/extensions will not work with your TinEye API account. You may have both the regular and the API extensions installed simultaneously, if you wish.

Integrating the API with your own system

Developers, if you want to integrate the API with your own system, you should start by reading the documentation overview and authentication pages. After that, you can get a unique key from the API Keys page. Don't forget: to make calls to the API and search the TinEye index, purchase a search bundle from the Buy Searches tab.

Monitoring your account

You can always check the number of searches you have left and see your bundle's expiry date by clicking on the Overview tab.

Getting help

For answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to our FAQ.

For support or questions about the API, please get in touch.